About Us

Permanently closed physical location. Online personal training coming sometime in 2025....maybe...

The home of Virginia Beach's FINEST garage gym! Get 8-bit fit!

Free classes offered 5 days per week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! We offer small group classes led by an awesome trainer who will motivate you to perform at your best. Each class is designed to improve performance. Period. Every day has a Warm Up and Dynamic Movement Prep. These components set the tempo for the day and ensure that you are prepared for the physiological demand ahead in the day's training, we then strengthen posture and position with heavy weights! Finally, there is the Field Work. This could be any combination high intensity interval training, cardio, metcon, plyos, weightlifting, sprints, or strong man. The scaling, volume and intensity of Field Work is designed to prepare you for the physical and mental demands found in ALL aspects of life!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to expect more from your workout!

*Not Affiliated with CrossFit (TM)
Fredericksburg, VA