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Friday May 19,2017

Nick '
Today's session will probably take you right to the edge of puking. I was there myself and we had a few guys lose it. So don't jump into this one on a full stomach.

Even though the Back Squats are heavier, they weren't as crushing as last week. 8's are much more doable than 10's. Focus on a steady rhythm for these high rep efforts. Focus on getting multiple reps on a single breath then resetting and knocking out your next chunk of reps. When you go for max reps stop with a few in the tank. Most of us were able to squeeze out a few more this week than last week.  

The reps of the accessory work have been dropped. This is to encourage you to go a little bit heavier if you can manage. Don't be scared to try heavier weight on these accessory lifts even if it means you have to drop back down. The finisher today is just 15 seconds of Curls and Skull Crushers each with another 15 secs of Curls and Skull Crushers with a light band. If you don't have a band then just use lighter dumbbells for the second 15 secs.  

This is a no joke session. My heart rate was between 115-165 bpm for this entire session. This is pretty taxing for 60 minutes so be ready to work.

MG 11

Warmup 3 Rounds
5x Breathing and Bracing Back Squats - Heels elevated - 115/95/65 - up in weight
5x Scotty Bobs - 25/15 lbs
5x Long Lunges + Instep Stretch e/s
5x Mantis

1) 5 Rounds Back Squat
8x 60%
8x 60%
8x 60%
8x 60%
Max Reps x 60%
3 Min Rest Between Each/ During Rest
8x Kroc Rows e/s
8x Rear Delt Raises

2) 5 Rounds Bench Press
8x 60%
8x 60%
8x 60%
8x 60%
Max Reps x 60%
3 Min Rest Between Each/ During Rest
2 / 3 x Negative Any Grip Pull Ups - use weight if necessary
5x Hamstring Hell e/s

3) 10 Minutes - Dumbbells - 20/15/10/5
15 Sec Curls
15 Sec Skull Crushers
15 Sec Band Curls - same thing with light band
15 Sec Band Skull Crushers - same thing with light band
200m Run

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