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Friday, Oct 20, 2017

Nick '
Another variation of a 75 minute session. You will notice that the single mode activities are getting longer and longer. This is to start to transfer your endurance into a more sport specific, single mode activity and also get you more mentally prepared of grinding through one activity.

Each one of these efforts should take you about 20 minutes for an hour of total work, before you drop into part 2 which will pick up the intensity for the final 15 minutes. For part 2 focus on good, quality movement even though you are picking up the intensity.  

Enjoy the work,

RA 12

1) 60 Minutes ⅕ Pace
1200m Tire Drag -35/25

20m Reverse Sandbag Drag- Down and Back
20m Quadruped Crawl
10x Bodyweight Get Ups
200 Step Ups - 25/15lbs

20m Reverse Sandbag Drag
20m Quadruped Crawl
10x Bodyweight Get Ups
1200m Run

20m Reverse Sandbag
20m Quadruped Crawl
10x Bodyweight Get Ups
2) 6 Rounds Every 2:30 ⅗ Pace

10x Bodyweight Get Ups
5x Burpees
200m Run
30 Step Ups

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