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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Nick '
Lotsa explosion today guys. One of the biggest mistakes we see with the Power Snatch is that when the weight gets heavy the athletes only concentrate on the explosion and not dropping under the bar. Remember as long as you aren't breaking parallel it is still considered a Power lift, and honestly for our purposes we would rather have our athletes catch in a full squat than starfish their legs to get depth. If you are starfishing your legs or having to press out the Snatch then its too heavy. Don't let your ego train bad habits- drop weight and work on perfection.

Box Jumps are 2-4' higher than last week- which should be pretty close to 90-95% of your effort. Same thing with the ego- if you don't think you are going to make a jump- then don't jump. Its not worth hurting yourself for a box jump.


Maxxx Gainz 14

Warmup 2 Rounds
Lower Snatch Warm Up - Muscle + Power
5x Jump Lunges e/s
10 Sec OHS hold to Parallel or optimal catch position w/ unloaded barbell

1) 6 Rounds Power Snatch
3x 70%
2x 80%
1x 90%
1x 90%
2x 80%
3x 70%
2x Hip/ Hang/ Lift Off correctives between each round

2) 5 Rounds Seated Box Jump - Add 2-4” to the height you hit last week - 45 or 25lb plate
3x 30/24/20” +2-4”
60 Sec Rest

3) 5 Rounds - Throws
1x Overhead
1x Chest
1x Right Rotation
1x Left Rotation
1x Backwards
60 Sec Rest

4) 4 Rounds
20m Sled Push- 70 lbs/25 lbs

5) 2 Rounds
40m Sled Push- 55 lbs/ 10 lbs
60 Sec Rest

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Chosen as WOD: Thu,May 25,2017