Retro Intensity WOD for Feb 21,2019 Daily Workout for Feb 21,2019 en-us Thu, 21 Feb 2019 00:00:00 MST Wed, 20 Feb 2019 23:35:44 MST Retro Intensity WOD for Feb 21,2019 Software for Crossfit Gyms, Results, Workouts, History, Statistics and Athlete Comments 39 31 Neversate Wave 3/Week 12/Day 3 Thu,Feb 21,2019 Thu, 21 Feb 2019 00:00:00 MST CONDITIONING - MINDSET <br />Get a MouthFul of Water, then for 10 Rounds Complete:<br />At the Top of Every minute <br />3 Burpees<br />20 Kettlebell Swings<br />Rest the Remainder of the Minute<br />At the End of the 10 Minutes, Spit the Water Out<br />...You are going to feel like you are drowning... You aren't. Keep working. <br /><br />MINDSET - Load A Barbell With 50% of Your 1RM and Set a Clock<br />3 Minutes of As many Squats as You possibly Can without Re-racking the bar. You can stand as long as needed between reps but no re-racking. <br />3 Minutes Rest<br />2 Minutes Squats<br />2 Minutes Rest<br />1 Minute Squats<br />1 Minute Rest<br />…This is the Mike Jenkins Memorial Workout. Think of someone you have lost when doing it and give more than you want to. <br /><br />(OPTIONAL) ASSISTANCE FINISHER - Set a Clock for 8 Minutes <br />Load a bar with a light weight. <br />When You start the Clock, you Start performing walking lunges. <br />You Can Stop these walking lunges when you 8 Minutes is complete. <br />Any time other than that…If you Stop, you owe 7 Burpees.<br />Then get right back to your lunges.